All in one. Learn everything in this tutorial from scratch.

What you will learn in this tutorial

  1. Microservices
  2. Angular
  3. NodeJs
  4. PostgresQL
  5. Kubernetes
  6. Azure Cloud

Pre-requisites for this tutorial

  1. Node.js (Latest version)
  2. Angular Cli (Latest version)
  3. Docker
  4. VS Code (You can choose any Editor you like)
  5. Postgres Database— PgAdmin GUI

Let’s start!

Node.js API (with Postgresql)

I will create simple backend in Node.js using Express.

For this tutorial, I will use VSCode but you can use any editor or IDE you like.

I have opened a folder named “tutorial” and create package.json by running the following command in the integrated terminal and it will generate file name package.json and package.lock.json.

Muhammad Ehtesham Bhatti

Consultant Development having expertise in NodeJs, Angular, C# .Net Core and Microservices. 🥳 👌

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